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these totals again just ridiculous here when you think about a 24-hour time span. over 8 inches in venando and north bay, north bay hills overall 5 to 8 inch ltz, santa cruz mountains 3 to 7 and st. will helena 5.20. what this did for the rainfall season is also remarkable. just in the past 24 hours we've seen a substantial increase in our percent of water for the season. santa rosa jumping up we're getting word to 140% of normal, 131 in oakland and san jose at 102% of normal. now, with that storm system moving off to the south, the big question is what is still going to be coming our way. we have this new system developing in the pacific, poised to hit us it weekend, namely on sunday. so don't let your guard down, especially up into the north bay and also for the coastline. flash flood watch will stay in effect from the national weather
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service until monday morning. again, we're going to track this next strong storm coming up a little later on in the show. >> eye-opening numbers, jeff. thank you. rain, saturation and flooding. it's a problem for several parts of the bay area. that's why there's concern going into this weekend. here now is nbc bay area's marianne favro from san jose. >> reporter: chain saws were needed to remove a large ash tray from the walk way of this los altos home. it came crashing down this morning thanks to heavy winds. high winds also caused this power pole to slope, causing high-voltage lines to sag here on alpine road near palo alto. not motorists had to defor more than an hour. if you weren't sitting and waiting if your car today, then you were likely getting splashed. this section of coleman road in san jose was covered with several inches of rain. just one of many flooded areas in the south bay. and here on highway 87 a motorist was stranded as rain
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came down in sheets. >> i see pretty much accidents on the freeway right now. so i have to drive slow. i don't know. people don't know how to handle it. they drive too fast. >> reporter: while strip mall parking lots look more like muddy holes, this swollen creek turned into a retreat for birds including the great blue heron. cal took photos and enjoyed the solitude on the bike path, a nice break from the storm's impact on his home. >> we live if campbell and we've had quite a bit of water on the property and trees coming down. not coming down. branches banging against the house, that kind of stuff. >> reporter: a reminder to prepare now while you are have a chance so you don't need emergency assistance this weekend. >> now let's check in with sheryl herd with the situation in the north bay. sheryl in. >> reporter: the north bay still has a lot ofoutages, but,
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wow, what a difference an hour makes. at 5:00, i was standing here, there was no rain. now it's starting to rain pretty hard and it's really windy. i talked to a pg&e worker earlier today and he says he's not getting a lot of sleep because this storm is pretty bad. heavy rain and wind brought people like steve sergeant to the hardware store in mill valley today. >> it's scary because we're way up on the hillside. there's been floods and slides. it gets pretty bad. >> reporter: bad is how it started out for commuters at the bay bridge toll plaza. a power outage threw the will bridge into darkness for two hours. there were no metering lights for commuters and it was a rough ride on the richmond san rafael bridge. the north bay got the brunt of the storm. this is it what it looked like on highway 1 near valley ford. cars had nowhere to go but into
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flooding water. people in marin county are used to the heavy rain and wind when it comes, but they're not used to closing schools because of a lack of power. students who attend wade thomas elementary got to stay home today because of a power outage. >> it was two te'is in a row so it's been pretty disruptive. i think it's the same pole so no one will admit it, but whatever they doing up here on this pole reconnecting wires once again. >> reporter: contractor chris mcgovern say he almost had to stay home from work because of power outages here. instead he bought generators to finish his work today. >> i love it. i just wish it would be a little colder and i wish it didn't screw up my surfing so much. >> reporter: well, it's nice to know some people still have a sense of humor throughout all of this. the shoreline school district closed five of its schools, two closed in san elle sell mow. reporting live from the marin headlands, i'm sheryl hurd, nbc
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bay area news. >> as she memgsed, the lights have gone out for thousands of bay area residents, in the north bay 1500 are in the dark, 800 in the east bay, 400 on the peninsula and 680 in the santa cruz mountains. as of 5:00, there were 6200 customers in the dark from the bay area to the central coast. pg&e has crews working on all of those outages. heavy rain on highway 4 might be to blame for an accident that seriously injured a child. the child was air h-lifted from the crash that involved several cars. the accident p happened ond westbound highway 4 west of laurel. authorities believe the child was thrown from the car upon impact. a woman in the same car was also injured. no word on their conditions at this hour. want to nieshg look ats our nbc traffic network, our live cameras on 8 aitdty in oakland, traffic on the left side of your screen is headed south.
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relatively speaking for a friday at 6:00, things are fairly smooth. we'll switch over to the san mateo bridge, once again slow but moving. san had mateo bridge looking fairly wide open right now. a san francisco woman's car became the unfortunate victim of the wild storm. a large tree toppled overnight near pine and pbuchanan streets in san francisco. a resident was stunned to find out this morning her mercedes was at the bottom of the pile. >> i am definitely preparing for having to purchase a new car so, you know, i don't want to do that. it's a new car for me, and i love it. i don't know. it's just sort of shocking actually. >> she actually just got it a few months ago. crews removed the tree and reopened the block before noon. flights are slowly returning to normal at sfo. right now the average delay is between 60 and 75 minutes. airlines canceled 80 flights today, mostly short-haul flights
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along the west coast. travelers are still urged to call ahead before heading to the airport this weekend. stay with nbc bay area for continuing storm watch coverage. we'll have plenty more coverage throughout this newscast and you can always go to for the latest updates and to send us your pictures of the storm. new tonight at 6:00, hundreds of people in berkeley who called 911 for a medical emergency are getting warning letters tonight. their personal information may have been stolen. as nbc bay area's jody hernandez reports, it all stems from their ambulance ride. >> reporter: people seeking emergency help in berkeley may have been taken for a ride. and not just to the emergency room. >> it's unfortunate that people that are ill and vulnerable got taken advantage of like this. >> reporter: the berkeley fire chief confirms more than 900 patients taken to the hospital by fire department ambulances may have had their personal
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information stolen after the company that handles the city's ambulance -- >> basically that they had an employee who had fraudulently and illegally access patient information of customers that we had transported here in berkeley. >> reporter: a spokesperson for intermedics, a florida-based company owned by advanced data processing, says the information may have been given to a florida crime ring, known for using stolen information to file fake tax returns. >> it could be personal information such as name, social security number and date of birth and file fraudulent tax returns with an attempt it to get a refund. >> reporter: the company has sent out warning letters to 931 people in the bay area. they're urging patients to monitor their bank accounts and credit cards and to contact the irs. >> your taxes are all things? credit card information? just your personal information leaking out, period, it's a
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violation. >> reporter: lisa elle yus just got discharged from the hospital. she didn't need an ambulance, but she said those who do shouldn't be slapped with a worry like this. >> i think it's absolutely horrible to think that you're going to be in a safe situation taken to a safe environment for your information to be stolen and used against you. >> reporter: the berkeley fire department isn't the only california agency hit by this crime ring. people who took ambulance trips in three southern california cities were also impacted. in berkeley, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, it hasn't happened in nearly 40 years. a homicide rocks an upscale community. the latest on the investigation. new details about an autistic girl who disappeared here in the bay area. what police are now saying about her ordeal. and it's a closely watched decision. what the u.s. supreme court did or, rather, didn't do on the prop 8 case. and good evening, i'm chief
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meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking the storm for your weekend, while this one is starting to push out, we will let you know when some of that strongest wind and rain will arrive for your weekend. meanwhile, we'll leave you with top wind gusts, mill valley 63 miles per hour today.
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a man hunt is still on after someone broke into a multimillion-dollar home, ransacked the place and killed a man. it happened early this morning in an affluent neighborhood. police say the suspect or suspects tied up the man's wife before leaving. she dialed 911 and is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. investigators aren't saying how the husband was killed and they don't know why this home was targeted.
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>> whether their intention was to go in there and do harm to the vekts or simply to rob them, the fact is these are very dangerous individuals or very dangerous individual, and they need to be brought to justice. >> it's been nearly 40 years since monti serino's last homicide. neighbors say no one really knew the victims because the couple pretty much kept to themselves. a well-loved san jose talk rey ya is out of commission after a two-alarm fire it this morning. 8:00 this morning, flames were burning in the building's attics. it's been a staple for more than two decades, just last year they earned top honor on making the best at thtamale. an autistic 16-year-old girl who went missing for two days after leaving an oakland youth center has been found. but police say she was beaten p.
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a concerned bus driver called police last night after he saw cheyenne white alone on the bus. police say they will interview her once she's physically able. the teenager is described of having the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. a $5,000 reward is offered for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects. a follow-up to a story we brought you earlier this week. a $10,000 reward is being offered to help find a suspect who shot at a milpitas police officer. investigators say the officer pulled a driver over early tuesday morning. the man inside opened fire, missed the officer but did hit his patrol car. the officer fired back but the gunman got away. the car was later found abandoned. supporters of gay marriage will have to wait a bit longer to find out whether the supreme court will take up california's prop 8. the justices gave no indication of whether they'll hear the case. they could make an announcement monday or later next week. voters passed the law in 2008, banning gay marriage in california, but an appeals court
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in san francisco ruled that the law is unconstitutional. if the justices decide not to hear the case, same-sex marriages could begin immediately. attorney general harris has some hope the high court will take this case. >> certainly there's a school of thought that that might be in the best interest of the issue, to have it finally resolved before the united states supreme court. but of course the concern there would be whether the united states supreme court would actually make the right decision. >> ms. harris says her office is getting calls wondering how to proceed if the same-sex marriages are legalized again. an unusual hearing today in a federal courtroom in sacramento. at issue, so-called gay conversion therapy. the state's new law banning licensed psychotherapists from practicing it on gay minors was challenged by four counselors and two parents. the parents claim their sons were helped by the therapy, which is intended to make gay people heterosexual. the parents and therapists claim
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the new law passed by the legislature last month violates the doctor/patient relationship. the judge will issue her ruling next week. this story continues to get a lot of headlines. a a boy scout denied eagle scout status because he's gay will be honored for bravery. ryan anderson will be honored monday in the california state assembly. anderson was removed from the scouts earlier this year. his mother wants him to be reinstated. she started an online petition and has gathered more than 425,000 signatures from around the world requesting the boy scouts change their policy on homosexuals. it's moving day at the state capitol. the legislature reconvenes monday so everyone is get the offices ready for the 120 new legislators. the halls today filled with boxes, 38 of the 80 assembly members coming in monday will be freshmen, the most since 1934. ten of the 40 state senators will also be new. not a great day in terms of the weather to be moving. >> yes.
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>> no. >> we have a brief respite right now, but another round is moving if. let's check in with jeff. pretty dicey this morning when the winds topped 60 miles per hour in parts of the area, heavy downpours extremely dangerous. but the good news if you're doing anything tonight, we know sometimes with the weather you just can't totally stop your plans. the heaviest rainfall is gone. we're tracking some of that coming up, we also want to get you into some of these storm reports. if you slept through some of it, it was wild this morning, 16,000 outages reported across the greater bay area at 5:33 this morning. san jose, even a section of state road 87, guadalupe freeway, had so much water on it was reduced down to one lane. petaluma was under a flash flood warning with our creeks and streams rising very quickly at 9:00. then this the north bay, 24-hour rainfall total passed the 8-inch mark. again, setting off major flood concerns up into the north bay. here are some other rainfall totals, oakland 2.35, san
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francisco right close to 2 inches, probably by now once the new update comes in, atherton also over 2 inches and livermore picking up more today than you've had for the entire rain season this year. saratoga 3.54, pet lum la 2.69, south san jose with other 2.5 inches. no doubt the strongest storm we've seen so far not only this season but think this round of storms probably the strongest we've seen in about 2 1/2 years. so don't let your guard down the we still have another storm coming our way by this weekend, flash flood watch up for the north bay, also the bay area coastline as we do have that stronger round of rain coming our way, which could again produce anywhere from 1 to 3 inches generally for those lower elevations. right now we're tracking some rain up into the north bay. radar's having a hard time picking it up, though, there's so much cloud cover at the lower levels as it scans around it rookz like it's not finding much, but we flow's developing rainfall across 101, more showery in nature and we're
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finding the same thing back here across most bay. that's what you'll find for tonight. temperatures for the most part in the 50s to 60s, let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network. if you're traveling on your friday evening, do what these commuters are doing here. it is very visible they're taking it quite a bit slower on the roadways in san rafael. let's bring you down to san francisco. you can see not only lingering showers but also dealing with fog tonight. it's just going to make it worse. then as you head into the south bay, you can see some traffic stopped on the bottom left of your screen and a lot of cloud cover. i would say my best bet for tonight would be a nice movie, maybe order take-in. the best way to go through a storm. here comes our next storm for the weekend. it's going to move in in somewhat of the same fashion. it will rise up the flood concern most notably as we head into sunday with once again 1 to 3 inches of rainfall, could even see more wind gusts at about 40 miles per hour. that could take down more trees and produce power outages. so for your weekend, i know a lot of you are thinking about,
6:20 pm
what about saturday? for the morning hours, just a few showers expected across the bay area. and we'll keep mainly showers for the evening. so not so bad on saturday. it's on early sunday morning, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, that this next round of heavier rain starts to push in across the bay area. as far as saturday goes, temperatures low to mid mi-60s, plenty of showers throughout the forecast. on the three-day, we expect that strong rain on sunday and then finally we'll get some dry weather as we head throughout monday. if i haven't shown you enough graphics tonight, janelle and raj, one more for everyone at home. the rainfall season for a lot of the bay area. santa rosa now 140% of normal, san jose now also above normal, 102%. that's great news for the water, that dichotomy, it was tough this morning but great news in another respect. >> thanks, jeff. our storm watch continues just ahead, including a look at the potentially dangerous situation along the coast today.
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also, do you really know where your money is going during this holiday season? the new report about charitable dou donations. congress votes on an important immigration bill that could have big benefits here in the silicon valley. >> announcer: nbc bay area is on twitter. get weather updates, breaking news and video of the latest big stories. follow at nbc bay area on twitter now.
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pf p h . today is just one step. >> a battle being fought in washington, but with big implications here in the bay area. we bring in scott budman with the latest. >> janelle and raj, the house voted today to allow foreign students getting advanced degrees in science and math from american schools to get green cards. it's a move that got a lot of backing from the tech industry and aat least in the house fairly bipartisan support. but it comes with controversy
6:24 pm
even among democrats because the new plan would eliminate an earlier plan that gave green cards to other groups, including immigrants from africa. you can expect this battle to last a while. now, it's not as big, but another big solar company is going under after taking out loans. twin creek technologies headquartered in san jose is liquidating, also bad news for the state of mississippi which gave twin creeks $26 million in loans. twin creeks like other solar companies says it felt the pressure of competition from cheaper solar panels made in china. yahoo! meanwhile having trouble in mexico. a mexican court today ordered the sunnyvale company to pay $2.7 billion to a pair of companiy ies in a contract disp over a listing service. yahoo! called the claims without merit. we'll keep you posted. we've got positive news and update to all the shopping stories we've done lately. game console sales which had been fairly dorm p ant just exploded.
6:25 pm
pre-holiday numbers in showed nearly 2 million consoles sold in the united states just last week. raj? >> thank you, scott. an 18 month long battle between a resecyclsiek ecycling san francisco is over. the company has until next wednesday to leave the property. the center has been there for more than 40 years. the city wants to replace it with a community garden. we know money doesn't guarantee happiness but apparently having a six-figure income helps. a study looking at 130 companies saying that the average income that makes people happy is $161,000. dubai residents needed the most saying they needed more than $276,000 to feel happy. singapore came in second with about $227,000. near the bottom were the french who needed 114,000 and the germans had the lowest needs at about $85,000. the u.s. wasn't measured if this study.
6:26 pm
still ahead -- the winners are -- well, we know america's next multimillionaire is the powerball winner. but there's mystery. the connection of surveillance video at a convenience store. also, music to their ears. a big step forward for one of the bay area's most popular music festivals. >> reporter: the rain continues to pound people who live in the north bay. i'm sheryl hurd. i'll have an update on the north and east bay coming up. the rain coming down across the bay area, friday around 6:30, the rush hour commute. a live look at traffic on 880 in oakland, fairly slow but moving. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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we have some breaking news in west oakland. a suspicious package has been found at a strip mall on 7th and market streets. once again, west oakland on 7th and market streets.
6:29 pm
the alameda county bomb squad is en route. we'll bring more detail when they become available. back to the weather. our storm watch coverage, rain, flooding, traffic troubles. round two hit the bay area hard. >> we have live team coverage from the south bay to the north bay. let's bring in marianne favro who's in san jose. >> reporter: i'm on coleman avenue where motorists had to navigate around 6 inches of standing water. you can see the "flooded" sign behind me and it will stay up all weekend because the storm is not over yet. the storm certainly made a splash in the south bay, flooding this section of coleman avenue in san jose. and rain pummeled the roadway, stranding this motive on highway 87, pooling water and slick surfaces prompted many to have a cautious commute. >> you can crash in a second, like you brakes not going to work with water. so i think it's pretty crazy
6:30 pm
driving like this. so i prefer to stay home. >> reporter: parking lots became ponds. here on alpine road at highway 280 near palo alto, a sloping power pole caused high voltage lines to sag, forcing the road to close. throughout the south bay, pg&e says more than 200 customers lost power. the heavy rains and winds transformed the landscaping in the front yad of this los altos home when a large ash tree came crashing down. but for some the storm offered a chance to enjoy some solitude on a bike path and take photos of birds the storm nudged out of hiding, like this blue heron. a welcome break from the storm check. >> we're double checking the generator and making sure we have extra water supply in the house ironically. >> reporter: and a half ginavigd wonders or worries the storm brings. >> that was marianne favro.
6:31 pm
a rain delay for the annual los gatos tree lighting tonight. the turf at the town park plaza is saturated and city crews are responding to downed trees. so the ceremony will happen next friday night at the same time and location. but the holiday parade will be on tomorrow rain or shine. pacifica residents are used to seeing big waves this time of year. while today's waves weren't huge they put on p quite a show. the pier was closed because of the bad weather for a safety precaution. waves smashed the seawall, sending water spraying on to beach boulevard and like past storms it always draws the plenty of onlookers. >> you ought to see the looky looks when it's really bad. when it ae's really bad, everyb is watching. >> locals says it isn't truly notable until the waves cross the street and reach the homes. >> all the looky looks be safe.
6:32 pm
the great highway along san francisco's ocean beach, beautiful sight but shut down. flooding and blowing sand, but there were plenty of crews we spotted like this one chopping up a limb that fell on parked cars in the area. nbc bay area's sheryl hurd joins us from the marin headlands. the north bay hit with power outages. is it raining where you are, by the way? >> reporter: raj, i can tell you that the rain is making an evening comeback here in the marin headlands. that's not good news for the folks who are making their commute here on the golden gate bridge. but let's just take a look at this video. it was quite a different story for commuters in the north bay this morning. it was a rough road for folks doing their commute early this morning from the bay bridge blackout to the flooding roads in sonoma county. everyone today was getting wet. >> we fit on a block with an elementary school, and they told us once they understood we were
6:33 pm
without power said it wasn't a priority because there weren't a lot of people affected. they had to cancel school today so you can imagine how many families are displaced, people who have to work and stay home with their kids. >> reporter: the shoreline school district closed five schools this morning, and there were two schools closed in san ansel mow. back here live, it's coming down pretty hard. it is pretty hard. here in the north bay there are 12,000 people without power. that's more than any other city throughout the bay area. everyone, please keep your umbrellas handy. reporting live from the north bay, i'm sheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> yes, hang on if you're heading out. it will be a bumpy few days leaving and arriving at sfo this weekend. the average delay is 60 to 75 minutes, airlines canceled 80 flights today. travelers are urged to call ahead before heading to the
6:34 pm
airport this weekend. now, we have an update on power outages. the rain and wind caused the lights to go out for thousands of bay area residents. in the north bay it's been updated, 1200 in the dark, 300 in the east bay, 550 on the peninsula and 570 in the sanlt cruz mountains. as of 6:00 p.m., there were 5400 customers without power from the bay area to the central coast. right now on you can see some of the best images of the storm captured by all of you, our viewers. we've seen it all here in the past few days from trees into homes, flooded streets like that picture to some monster waves. you can also send us your weather pictures by e-mailing them to us a. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. some unreal pictures today and also videos we just saw with this latest blast of wet weather now pushing to the south. we're tracking a weekend storm. here's some good news, though. in los gatos, looks like for the
6:35 pm
fwh 56th annual children's parade for saturday, the heaviest rain holds off but expect showers and wind and temps in the 60s. i'll have details on the next strong storm coming up. also ahead, it will certainly be a happy holiday. one family strikes it rich after winning the powerball jackpot. but tonight an air of mystery over the other winner. we'll explain. plus -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman. it's movember as in grow a mustache in november for charity. coming up, we take you inside a company that grew it all month and then took it all off. >> announcer: the nbc bay area ipad app, get breaking news, weather reports and video of the day's big stories. download the app now.
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eight more years for the popper lar outside lands music festival. it was recommended yesterday the permit be extended. the new agreement calls for the festival organizers to pay the city an additional $500,000 in fees beginning next year. they would also give the city a percentage of the ticket sales. a recent report from san francisco state university found last year's outside lands concert had a sales impact of $61 million to san francisco. new scrutiny tonight on california charities after a new report revealed half of donations raised through commercial fund-raisers end up paying for overhead costs. the report from the attorney general's office showed that $338 million were raised but only $173 million went to charity charities. the remaining 49% was retained
6:39 pm
for fees and expenses. how about this, one of the winners of the enormous powerball jackpot is still a mystery tonight. but the other is not. missouri's newest multimillionaires, here they are, were introduced to the world today at the high school where they met and fell in love. mark and cindy hill have been in and out of work, mostly out, over the past year. she bought the $239 million winning ticket. 6-year-old daughter recently adopted from china share in their amazement. >> i think we're going to have a pretty good christmas, and we're probably going to go on a vacation or two. >> a pretty good christmas, yes, they will. the other winning ticket, by the way, sold at a convenience store in arizona, but the security video from a gas station 1,000 miles away in maryland shows a man stunned, then celebrating, claiming he had the winning numbers. >> we better check that ticket. >> yes.
6:40 pm
>> lots of great christmases for the rest of that family's lives. >> yes. they are. if they need weather, i'm always available. i'm here for you at home across the bay area. let's look right now, seeing plenty of traffic moving along smoothly in the south bay. we'll have details on your seven-day forecast on the weekend storm system coming up. good evening. i'm brodie brazil. both bay area nfl teams losing players today, in the case of the 49ers, a guy actually celebrating his birthday. plus, the oakland raiders have lost four straight games, tension is starting to boil. coming up, find out which first round pick has been reprimanded by the team. sports is next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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♪ illuminated with 60,000 lights, mr. and mrs. claus and carollers on board, the train will be stopping at stations this weekend only. budget cuts had derailed the train for the last two years but it's back for its tenth anniversary this year. the holiday event collects toys for the toys for tots program and salvation army.
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see holiday for more information. you may have seen some of your co-workers ar friends or family members sporting a little extra facial hair lately it's for a good cause. >> yes. the month of november has for many become movember, a time to grow mustaches to raise money for men's health. scott budman takes us inside a silicon valley company who grew stashes, and then shaved them off. >> reporter: more than a dozen men going under the knife -- >> you're in for a treat. >> reporter: -- okay, the straight razor. and they all earned the massage that follows the shave because during the month of november, or movember, these employees of palo alto-based survey monkey grew mustaches. >> i love growing a mus÷ache. not a lot of people looking at me love it. >> reporter: even if it wasn't always easy. >> they scratch their faces aa lot. >> no smooching with my mustache this month. >> we didn't recognize some of
6:44 pm
our colleagues. once they had mustaches. we're like, what happened to our business development vp? >> reporter: and they did it for charity, raising $4,000 to fight prostate and testicular cancer, a movember tradition. >> it means aa lot to me. >> reporter: helped by sam's barbershop who lost its founder, reina sanchez's father, to the disease. >> he had prostate cancer for about ten years and finally he lost the battle. >> reporter: and these guys did the cause proud, like nick simon who shaved midway through movember at the request of his birl it girlfriend. >> i was going to a wedding. she was begging me to shave the mustache. >> reporter: but then bounced right back. >> as soon as i shaved it, i started growing it again. went into power mode, overdrive, trying to put row gain in it, do whatever to make it worth. >> reporter: so hats off, or at least hair off, as the men of survey monkey get smooth again, helping other men get healthy.
6:45 pm
in palo alto, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> what a great cause. >> funny. let's bring in jeff ranieri, chief meteorologist working overtime for all of us here. >> lots of water today. let's get a look today, the storm we had today is now moving off to the south. we're getting a much-needed little break tonight we still have showers we're tracking and also winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. but the worst is over for today. that's the good news. speaking of today, let ace get a look at some of totals. the max rainfall totals across the bay area, venado in the north bay, in the western hills, you picked up over 8 inches, nrth bay hills overall 5 to 8, santa cruz mountains 3 to 7,s st. helena 5.20 and santa rosa close to 3.5, just in 24 hours. mt. umunhum picked up $7.24
6:46 pm
inches, even impressive at the elevation. let's look at the doppler radar. we're finding lingering showers to the south bay. as you look at your phones you may say, it's range but there's no green on the radar. that's because as it scans it's going through so much cloud cover it having a tough time picking up the raindrops. we'll bring you outside to our live hd sky network tonight. it is wet here in emeryville right at the bay bridge approach. you can see lots of brake lights. you'll encounter that if you're headed anywhere. we know sometimes with the weather you can't stop your plans to have that foot on the brake and be ready to slow down. we're not done yet. we still have two more waves of energy to get through. the next one for tomorrow is very, very small. it's in the upper levels, going to mainly stay off to the north. it will be good enough to keep the onshore flow with us and lingering showers and slick roads throughout saturday. but the bull's eye, at least the last punch coming our way, will be our fourth storm this week. that's going to arrive by
6:47 pm
sunday. that's when our river flooding wills be the highest throughout the entire day. as far as the time line goes, saturday it will be shaping up pretty good at least compared to today. we'll start off with showers here,s spotty up into the north bay down to the south bay. it's going to remain very hit-and-miss as we head throughout the day. so not too much heavy, widespread rain expected on saturday. again be, it may have a little bit of a shower, then you get a bit of a break. as we head to 11:00 p.m. saturday, some of the heaviest rain starts to move close to santa rosa. we'll save that zone of widespread consistent rainfall until sunday morning. that's when we'll see potentially rainfall totals that rival what we had for today. so, again be, one more heavy round coming our way for sunday. where totals could range anywhere from 1 to 3 inches, a little bit less than with the rainfall side with the next system but the ground is so saturated that any more rainfall will add to our flooding concern. what i've done is pinpointed our top three areas of river flooding concern. the first one is the russian
6:48 pm
river at gurnville, 31.3 feet will get it close to flood stage. many of you in guirneville know this quite well and will be watching that river very close. san anselmo creek is 4.2 feet, critical level is 10, we could see it rise close to that. another one to watch. then the third area of concern is actually the guadalupe river in the south bay. with he had unexpected rise on this today with so much expected to be at about 10 feet by monday. flood stage is 17 feet. we don't expect to reach that, but as we saw today, parts of state road 87 did have a lot of water on it, very close to the guadalupe river. just be aware in the south bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. very good news in los gatos, the 56th annual children's parade, mother nature will give you a break, showers and wind, temperatures in the low to mid-60s but not expecting heavy,
6:49 pm
heavy downpours like we had today. that's starting at 11:00 again in los gatos on saturday. so good news for you guys. okay, as we head throughout your seven-day forecast, we do have that next storm on sunday. if you're just tuning in, with wind and rain, flooding concerns will be heightened. as we head through next week, we get some showers but maalso dry weather as well. >> the sideways rainfall is bad. >> gets your attention. >> yes, it does. >> tomorrow looks like we can get out and do things in 10 the showers? >> yeah, definitely. just keep an eye out. even if there's not a lot of rain happening, a sudden wind gust, still some tree limbs could come down. just be alert and aware p. >> thanks, jeff. let's go ae's get to sports. >> we have brodie brazil. have you been avoiding us? we haven't seen you in a while. >> reporter: i show up once in a while, raj. when they tell me to. what's going on, guys? with the passing of longtime
6:50 pm
owner al davis last october, the raiders were an organization already in transition. general manager reggie mckenzie was then brought in to help return oakland football to past glories but so far with a 3-8 record and four straight losses on the books, things have been looking very bleak. recently and then there's this. happening earlier today, 2010's first round draft mcorlando mcclain suspended for two weeks after, quote, conduct detrimental to the team. this comes two days after a dustup with coach at wednesday's practice in alameda. the unpaid suspension will cost mcclain two game checks totalling nearly $115,000. >> i'm not going to get into any of the specifics of anything that happened that went into the decision. at that's team-related matters and we're going to keep that within the family. [ inaudible ] yeah, i discussed it with reggie. it was -- but at the end of the day this was my decision to
6:51 pm
make. >> obviously he's one of my guys. but certain things happen, certain thins have to be dealt with. got to deal with the consequences. it is what it is. rnchs meanwhile, the fallout from last week's loss to the bengals continues. andrew wit worth along with desmond bryant, lamar houston and matt shaughnessy each fined 26 grand for this tussle following a controversial inadd vert ant whistle in the game sunday. the 49ers also losing a player today, special teams ace demarcus dobbs was arrested early this morning following a single car accident. the chp confirms dobbs was in possession of marijuana and suspects that he was under the influence of alcohol. by the way, this is today dobbs' 25th birthday. will not play sunday. also rj -- on the field, a day removed from naming colin kapper nick his starting quarterback, jim harbaugh shared some insight on
6:52 pm
the decision making process, setting a conversation he once had with hall of famer bill walsh concerning the even stingts of a quarterback. >> he felt like a quarterback was the most athletic guy, could play, the way he framed it, any sport, could go out and make the soccer team or the sixth man on the basketball team or play center field in baseball. that was the way he described it. >> in just about two hours, giants closer brian wilson will become free agent. brian wilson, the former all-star, is still recovering from his second tommy john surgery he had in april. it's believed there's a good chance he and his beard will not return to san francisco. we will tell you that comcast sportsnet insider andrew baggarly reporting giants and wilson are, quote, nowhere near
6:53 pm
a contract@(qqsq't for the 2013 season. one other national report says that if brian does not agree with the giants, his next preference would be -- check this -- the dodgers. ouch. finally, my alma mater, 25th ranked san jose football team has accepted an invitation to the military bowl december 27th in washington, d.c. still uncertain who the opponent will be, we do know it will be the spartans' first bowl game appearance since 2006. also this -- the score from the pac-12 championship game in progress at stanford staid wrum, cardinal leaving 17-14 at the half. as you might already know, this is the second time these two teams have met within a week. we of course will have highlights of this game later on at 11:00. raj and janelle, we leave you with this. the nba fined the san antonio spurs $250,000 today because the team sent home and did not dress four of their best players last night in miami. they also lost the game.
6:54 pm
that's aa lose-lose situation in my book. >> sounds like it. >> thanks, brodie. >> we'll be right back.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
. the first dog minds his manners as he checks out the elaborate decorations. he checks out christmas magic as he eyes the santa hat on the giant likeness of himself. he wants the hat abd he gets one. at the end of the video, he gets
6:57 pm
the santa hat and wishes everyone joy at this holiday season. >> great video. a backstage tour of the white house through the eyes of bo. >> hopefully you have a safe and dry weekend. hope to see you again at 11:00. >> good night, folks. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪
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and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> now on "extra" -- [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> "real housewives" star adrienne maloof in her first and only interview about her headline-making divorce. >> what happened? >> mario confronting her about >> what happened? >> mario confronting her about the abuse

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